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Brand :AcoustiTECH
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FREE SHIPPING - Acoustic membrane designed for floated flooring installations. With a vapor barrier and offering superior soundproofing, this membrane is quick and easy to install Equivalent to $0.69/sq.ft.

  • Allows the installation of floated floor in homes, condos and hotels
  • Increases performance of radiant heating systems
  • Reflects warmth of the room to floor in order to keep it warmer and more comfortable
  • Long-term performance and durability
  • Contribute to obtain LEED credits
  • Nontoxic, rot-resistant, non allergenic, antibacterial and made of 100% recycled synthetic fibers
  • Light roll easy to handle
  • No waiting time before installing the membrane and the floor covering
  • Unroll easily and stay firm to ease the installation of the floor covering
  • Exceeds floated floors manufacturers vapor barrier recommendations
  • Excellent acoustic performance
  • Protects the floated floor from water vapor emission that can prematurely deteriorate it